Is it okay to adjust a rate?

Before changing rates, keep the following in mind:

  • Will you use the rate again?
    For certain activities, rates are incremental e.g. Weeding rates increase depending on the weed coverage, so you may have rates like: Weeding 500, Weeding 550, Weeding 600.

    In this situation, you should just a new rate to the Rates and Wages table.

    If the wage is changing based on a labor order e.g. increase in the minimum daily wage, then you need to edit the rate for the specified work.

  • Have you finalized your current payroll?
    Make changes to rates only after you have written the current payroll and before entering new daily time records.

    Otherwise existing, unpaid daily time earnings for that activity will reflect the new rate.

    If the rate changes in the middle of the payroll period, add it as a new record.

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