Why is SSS/Phil. Health not being deducted in the payroll?

These are the factors that Sugar4 takes into account when deducting SSS or Phil. Health:

  • Does the employee have an SSS/Phil. Health number?
    Go to the Employee’s 201 record and check if his SSS/Phil. Health number has been filled up.

    If it is set to None, Sugar4 will not deduct contributions.

  • Does the employee have previous deductions for the month?
    Check previous payrolls for the month to see if SSS or Phil. Health has been deducted.

    If he has previous deductions then his earnings for this payroll are not enough to put him into the next bracket.

    If he does not have prior deductions for the month, then his earnings are not enough for the minimum SSS/Phil. Health bracket deduction.

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