2011 Fourth Quarter Update

New ROI Calculator and revised Breakeven Calculator in Crop Year Planner!

Sugar4 Farming: This plantation management software will keep you updated with what is happening in your sugarcane farm. The cost accounting package lets you record basic data to track expenses for labor and materials, monitor production, and report on sales.

Beyond the basic functions of payroll preparation, procurement/warehousing, distribution of worker’s benefits and other administrative tasks, Sugar4 will tell you how much it costs to produce a bag of sugar, field by field, for a particular crop year.

Sugar4 is made up of modules that work together to maintain a history of your company’s operations for each field, from each farm, for every crop year.



Sugar4 can now use a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA, Palm OS) for DATA ENTRY and to CARRY REPORTS for mobility.
Farm reports may also be be viewed on the internet from a secure sight.
Additional modules for planning, evaluation, budget preparation and accounting are also available on order.